The seminar Clusters’ Internationalization – why and how?

The seminar Clusters’ Internationalization – why and how?

The President of the association Užupis Creative Cluster Marius Pareščius participated in the event Clusters’ Internationalization - why and how? organized by the Ministry of Economy and Science, Innovations and Technology Agency on 2nd - 3rd of June 2016 in Riga.

Representatives of companies, clusters and company networks were invited to this event. The aim of the event - the development of competencies, assistance in establishing contacts and finding partners in order to participate in the BSR STARS program tool Inovacijų ekspresas.

The benefit provided by cluster internationalization is felt for all clusters and the Lithuanian market. The seminar revealed aspects such as access to new markets, new knowledge, encouragement and joining partnerships markets for a longer term, also researches and innovations. Some companies - especially SMEs - need state support to achieve the internationalization goal, and companies’ budgets do not allow entering foreign markets.

Therefore, cluster organizations can play an important role in supporting companies in order to internationalize them, but clusters’ internationalization competence and strategies to support these efforts are necessary. Thus, Marius Pareščius attended this event, so that the association Užupis Creative Cluster and other Lithuanian clusters sought international recognition, expanded into foreign countries, created new contacts with potential partners in the Baltic Sea Region.

The following topics were touched upon during the seminar:

  • Interaction with experienced innovation cluster managers, why internationalization of groups is important, how they develop and implement international strategies and what results they achieved, how it helped the clusters and their companies;
  • Presentation of the new tool Inovacijų ekspresas, which could help clusters to develop internationalization;
  • Several smaller seminars/workshops, developing concrete various steps in pursuance of internationalization;
  • A report on services provided by Enterprise Europe Network, supporting clusters’ internationalization, was delivered.