Research, experimental development and innovation promotion project is started to be implemented in the field of creative industries

Užupis Creative Cluster started to implement a project co-funded from the European Regional Development Fund Užupis Creative Cluster Research, Experimental Development and Innovation Promotion in the Field of Creative Industries No. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-833-01-0008.

The aim of the project - to promote cooperation of companies in the field of creative industries by carrying out R&D and innovation activities.

Total eligible costs of the project: 313.785,75 EUR, including a portion from EU: 156.892,87 EUR.

The start date of the project activities’ implementation: 20th of January 2017.

The anticipated end date of the project activities’ implementation: 20th of January 2019.

Within at least the next three years, members of the cluster will create innovative mixed competence development technologies for IT and specialists from creative industries, gain knowledge and skills in project management and effective participation in projects.

During the project, it is anticipated:

  • to provide members of the cluster with business support, consulting and information services in order to promote collaboration, exchange of information, increase cluster effectiveness among members and external partners;
  • to implement cluster marketing in order to increase visibility, recognition and to attract new members;
  • to organize conferences, seminars and training programs in order to promote exchange of knowledge, network activities and international cooperation;
  • to manage and maintain the cluster’s infrastructure;
  • to conduct market researches necessary to prepare operational strategy in order to ensure continuation of cluster operation, attractiveness and success of created products and the entire value chain.

Implementation of these activities will ensure development of the cluster, allow attraction of new members, promote cooperation among members and enable implementation of the cluster’s R & D activities. During the project, new training programs based on gaming methods, which will allow the cluster and its members to increase the efficiency of their activities, will be created.



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