Directions of clusters’ maturity sessions were discussed together with MITA

Directions of clusters’ maturity sessions were discussed together with MITA

On 20th of March the first clusters’ maturity session specially for Užupis Creative Cluster organized by Science, Innovations and Technology Agency (MITA) took place in the business center Business Hive Vilnius.

The maturity session included a round table discussion in order to ascertain needs of the members regarding further directions of maturity sessions and topics of targeted expert consultations by MITA implementing the project Promotion and Development of Innovation Networking (InoLink).

It was decided to organize the following maturity session events on 25th of April and 6th of June this year. During the sessions, the main focus will be placed on implementation of R&D and innovation, accession to Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), export promotion means, especially in the areas of information technologies and creative industries, as well as pre-commercial and innovative public procurements. Foreign experts’ consultations are also anticipated at the end of May and cooperation promotion event at the beginning of June.

Clusters’ maturity sessions, targeted expert consultations regarding issues on development and growth, seminars for clusters and information events for SMEs are organized, communication in web site is implemented in the frame of InoLink project. In order to promote internationalization of Lithuanian clusters based on smart specialization direction, events for foreign partners’ search will be organized, services for partners’ search will be provided as well as consultations on involvement of new international members into clusters and involvement of Lithuanian SME into networks operating abroad. It is planned to issue a publication about clusters operating in Lithuania and investing in technologies as well as R&D and innovations.

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