The association “Užupis Creative Cluster” was established in 2010 by 6 companies. Today the cluster has grown up to 20 members and grows every quarter. The cluster connects educational institutions, business entities, scientists and entrepreneurs. The main goal of the cluster is to increase the international and national competitiveness and efficiency of the association “Užupis Creative Cluster” through the development of a modern research and experimental infrastructure to expand and spread innovative ideas and new technologies. The financing from European Union structural funds helps a lot to reach results much faster.

The association seeks for a better use of the investments to science research and technologies development. The members of the cluster created a common complex simulator and an integrated communication network which provides following services:

The members of the cluster work
in information technologies, social media, business, audio services, educational activities and specializes in different sub-sectors like a creation of simulators, cyber security, business consulting, advertising, advertisement development, marketing, movie industry, organizing of training, researches, etc.

UCC workshops and laboratories

The association „Užupis Creative Cluster“ is a member of the Lithuanian Cluster Association. The cluster collaborates very closely with foreign partners from Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, Moldova, Brazil, USA and others countries in international projects like COSME and Horizon 2020.

 The members of the cluster in 2017 reached turnover more than 21 mln euros and exported services for 13 mln euros.

 The specialists who work in the cluster have a great experience and they provide consultation services for businesses, incl. establishment or restructuration of a business entity, a development of export, research of the partners for investments in Lithuania and foreign countries.

The cluster is open for the innovative ideas, young and creative specialists. If you have any ideas in the creativity or business sectors please do not hesitate to contact us and we will find the ways how to implement them together!!!