Užupis Creative Cluster Association was officially registered in 2010. However, actual cooperation among its members has been developing for more than 6 years prior to the legal act of registration. Partners consulted each other on the different matters of the creative industries. The consultations were based on their different experiences like labs / simulators development, projects development and management, businesses process management, IT and other activities. The start-up consisted of the six cluster members in 2010 and today it has increased up to 20 that participate in international fairs and exhibitions by presenting their activities and products. 

Most of the members of the association are engaged in the creative industries, information technology, research activities, and specialize in the different sub-sectors, such as the simulator development, business consulting, advertisement design, social studies, project writing, administration, etc.

All cluster members are very active in the areas of innovation in their effort to develop their technological base and the market to deliver unique products throughout the European Union. To make better use of their capital investment in research and development, cluster members decided to create a joint simulation of complex and integrated communications network.

Cluster integrated simulator and an integrated communications network is intended to provide the six major categories of R & D services and products: analytics, modeling and simulation services; strategy formulation; new media technology development and testing; media prototyping and testing; information security research services and training services.

Užupis Creative Cluster is implementing the project "Užupis creative cluster" VP2-1.4-moe-01-K-01-004 by Inoklaster E "(from 2011-07-01 to 2013-12-31), and has implemented the project VP2-1.4- moe-02-K-01-027 by Inoklaster E + (from 2013-01-02 to 2014-12-31).