The association "Užupis Creative Cluster" is a non-profit limited liability public entity, established in 2010. Cluster is operating in Information and communication technologies (ICT), creative industries, cyber security, research and other fields.

The mission of the Cluster is to create and implement high added value national and international projects, technologies and solutions in the sectors of ICT, creative industries, cyber security and other, which would be able to compete in international markets, combining and developing the potential of Lithuania.

The Vision of the Cluster - to become the most successful cluster in Lithuania, leader in ICT, creative industries and cyber security projects management in Europe.

Our members and partners benefits through newly created common initiatives, projects and other national and international partnership options. They are provided with newly obtained information and experience, collaboration opportunities and potential partners contacts.

Founder and President of the Užupis Creative Cluster – Mr. Marius Pareščius

Marius Parescius

Marius studied Business Management and Business Administration, developed knowledge in information technologies, worked with banks, has accumulated considerable experience collaborating with companies and clients, business associations, the Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of Industrialists, the Chamber of Youth, Infobalt Association, ministries (Economy, Energetics, Interior), and etc.

Marius is a Member of the Board of the Lithuanian Cluster Association, a President of Užupis Creative Cluster, International Security Cluster and Baltic Education Cluster as well as a founder and director of other clusters, a businessman.
M. Pareščius became the first Lithuanian, certified as international clusters benchmarking expert according to methodology of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis – ESCA, located in Germany.

M. Pareščius worked in Russia and Ukraine with producers of software, retail and wholesale companies, data centers, directors and shareholders of social networks, online gaming industry and information security companies. In Europe – with producers of software and hardware, international clusters and companies’ associations.

Marius participated in creation of Internet projects for large companies, planned and installed teletext services for LTV, BTV and Lrytas TV. In 1999, together with a business partner, founded an online dating site, which currently unites over 400 000 members from all over the world.

As an IT expert, Marius participates in discussions, his statements are published in press and Internet publications: 15minučių, Delfi, Verslo žinios, Naujoji komunikacija, Kompiuterija, Lietuvos rytas, Respublika, Laisvalaikis, TV antena. He also writes articles and IT news for such publications as Verslo žinios, Naujoji komunikacija,, participates as an interlocutor in TV and radio shows.

M. Pareščius annually participates in the Commission of Lithuanian Product of the Year contest in INFOBALT Association and Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists. As an expert, he participated in the elections of Product of the Year Worldwide of ITC sector.

Marius also works with Infobalt Association with files, related to IT. Among activities – technological expertise in courts, mediation in solving disputes among partners, clients and contractors, continuous consulting for companies working with IT and telecommunication projects on creation and development of new projects.

M. Pareščius actively propagates e-commerce, as a business in Lithuania, constantly works with Lithuanian banks and companies, which engage in or plans to engage in e-commerce business, consults on e-commerce, e-payment issues, contributes to annual organization, holding of e-commerce conferences, delivers presentations. He perpetually participates as a speaker at Infobalt (Vilnius), Cebit (Germany, Hannover), WHD (Germany), GameExpo (UAE), Sociality Rocks (Ukraine), GDC (Germany) exhibitions and conferences.